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Powakaddy Freeway FW3 Lithium Battery Power Golf Cart

Powakaddy Freeway FW3 Lithium Battery Powered Golf Trolley
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For over 20 years, the Powakaddy Freeway as been the undisputed quality leader in power assisted golf trolleys. Tens of thousands of the original Powakaddy Freeways are still going strong throughout the world. We routinely get phone calls from customers who have used their Powakaddys for a dozen or more years and hundreds of rounds.

Now, we are proud to introduce the long-awaited PowaKaddy Freeway FW3 Lithium - the next generation of great power assisted golf carts. The FW3 Lithium features a lighter, stronger, and more attractive frame than its dependable ancestor. It adds the very latest in battery technology using a super lightweight, and more efficient Lithium-Ion battery. In fact, this new Lithium Battery is 75% lighter, and 50% more efficient that the lead acid battery on the original Freeway! That means the Freeway F3 Lithium weighs an incredible 24 pounds TOTAL, and has the power to last 36 or more holes! Further, since it is so light the battery is designed as part of the frame, so that there is no need to remove the battery when folding for transport. If you can lift your golf bag, you can lift the Freeway F3 Lithium with ease, even WITH the battery on board!

Do you walk a lot of rounds? If you average a round or more of golf a week, we recommend giving the PowaKaddy strong consideration. While costing as much as 50% more than Chinamade power carts initially, the cost per round of a PowaKaddy is easily one of the lowest on the market. In the long run, we are confident a PowaKaddy will cost you less! It is backed by the industries only two year warranty, and that even covers the battery!

  • Shipping Included to the Lower 48 U.S. (includes accessories purchased with your cart!)

  • Lightest total weight on the market for the price- just 24 pounds WITH battery!)

  • Resettable yardage meter to measure drives, or distance from yard markers

  • Odometer measures the lifetime distance of the cart.

  • 200 Watt Silent-Drive motor. Easily climbs up to 20 degree slope

  • Power for 27+ Holes of golf on one charge and only 5 pound battery weight!

  • Quick 1-step folding design for easy deployment and packing

  • Adjustable Distance Control allows you to send the Freeway to travel 15-45 yards ahead!

  • Lightweight and very sturdy aerospace grade aluminium frame only 24 pound TOTAL weight.

  • Maintenance Free Wheels and Motor

  • Optional Digital Braking System for ultimate control on steep hills

  • Legendary Powakaddy quality, engineering, and expected reliablity

    What Customers Are Saying: I bought my Powakaddy freeway in 1997. It has outlasted three vehicles, and two marriages. Its nice to at least have one thing I can rely on! - Joe T. Buffalo, NY

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  • Motor 200 Watt, Silent and Maintenance Free
    Frame Proprietary AMST Alloy Frame
    Batteries Next Generation Lithium-Ion
    Charger (Included) 12 Volt, 2 Amp Trickle Charger (4-8 hour recharge)
    Range Up to 27+ holes depending on condition of golf course
    Dimensions Open 36"(H) x 49"(W) x 23"(D)
    Dimensions Folded 15"(H) x 32"(W) x 23"(D)
    Weight Chassis 19 pounds plus Battery 5 pounds - Total only 24 pounds!
    Wheels Airless with Rubberized Tread

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    Warranty Information

    Warranty Conditions:
    Your brand new Powakaddy Freeway 2 Lithium Golf Cart, INCLUDING the battery are covered by a 24 month warranty, covering manufacturing defects. The warranty period lasts for 24 months from the date you take delivery of your cart.

    Purchases made in U.S.
    If you encounter a problem with your cart within the first 24 months, please call Golf Sellers Direct (contact information below). Our priority is to get you back on the golf course as quickly as possible, so first of all we will try to rectify the problem over the phone - often it's a simple connection that has come loose, so you will be able to fix it very quickly yourself. If we diagnose that you need to be sent a spare part, we will send it to you with easy to follow instructions. If the problem can not be resolved over the phone or by sending you a spare part, we will either collect the trolley or refer you to one of our appointed repair agents across the US (which ever is more convenient) and will endeavor to fix the problem by repairing your cart. If we cannot fix the problem, we will supply a replacement cart (the replacement may not be brand new but is guaranteed to be in equal or better condition than your current cart.)

    Warranty Exclusions:
    The warranty covers manufacturing defects that may occur during normal use. Any breakages caused by accidental damage, commercial use or undue care are not covered. Please note: If your trolley needs to be returned and you have not returned the warranty card or registered your trolley online you will need to provide some proof of purchase. On returning your trolley you must be aware that if Golf Sellers Direct deems the problem to have been caused by accident or through neglect rather than a manufacturing fault you will be liable for the cost of repair, and return shipping. For Warranty Claims Contact:

    Golf Sellers Direct
    425 N. Industrial Dr. #103
    Naperville, IL 60563

    Phone: 1-800-337-7692

    You may also wish to visit

    Warranty Assistance

    While does not provide the warranty for the golf carts we offer, we are happy to assist with contacting the manufacturer for warranty claims. Your long term satisfaction is our goal, so please let us know if you are having trouble contacting the manufacturer. We only work with companies that share our goal for your satisfactory experience. Email us any time at Please help us by including your full name, order number and approximate order date. We are here to help!

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    PowaKaddy and RoboKaddy Scorecard and Ball Holder
    ↑ More Info ↑
    For the ultimate in convenience, add a scorecard and ball holder to your PowaKaddy Freeway, Classic, or RoboKaddy! Ships Free With Cart Purchase!
    Regular price: $29.99
    Sale price: $19.99
    Powakaddy and Robokaddy Seat
    ↑ More Info ↑
    Take a break! Fits Powakaddy Freeway 2 and Robokaddy models. Shipping included when ordered with your cart!
    Regular price: $150.00
    Sale price: $129.00
    ↑ More Info ↑
    Powakaddy brand battery fits all Freeway cart battery tops manufactured from 1996-present. DOES NOT INCLUDE TOP, OR CHARGER- battery ONLY! You will need to keep your existing battery top to install on this replacement battery. Charger sold separately!
    Regular price: $135.00
    Sale price: $119.99

    Powakaddy Freeway FW3 Lithium Battery Powered Golf Trolley